I have been going to Dr. Brauer for over two years and couldn't recommend him more highly. Dr. Brauer has helped cosmetically treat some of my biggest insecurities. He talks to you as a friend, rather then a patient and hears out your concerns/questions no matter how small or big.

- Matt P.

The best, most thorough dermatologist in NYC and a super nice guy as well. I've been going to Dr. Brauer for 4 years now for everything from minor skin stuff and breakouts to mole removal, a skin cancer scare on my cheek that he caught early... thank god, Botox, he zapped the age spots on my forehead and they look way better and he did kybella under my chin. He's just that rare doctor that makes everyone feel at ease (great sense of humor) and is super smart and in his game. I trust him with anything. I cannot recommend him more highly. You won't be sorry!

-James B.

"Dr. Brauer is amazing. A few months ago I needed a Mohs Surgery to remove a basall cell carcinoma. It was important to me to have it removed as soon as possible because I knew it could grow and cause more damage and leave a bigger scar. I was very nervous (because this is considered a type of skin cancer!), but I felt safe with Dr. Brauer and he really took care of all my concerns and answered my questions patiently. I knew I was in good hands the whole time. I highly recommend Dr. Brauer to anyone looking for a kind and brilliant doctor!"

-Michelle B.

Jeremy A. Brauer Is terrific. He has excellent credentials and a warm funny personality that relaxes you prior to procedures. Look at his CV because it is very impressive. He is well published, a researcher and expert practitioner in laser surgeries. You will be thrilled with the results of his work.

-Reagan D.

If you are looking for a dermatologist in the NYC area, GO TO DR. BRAUER!!!!! He is hands down the best doctor. He has the greatest energy about him, you never want to leave your appt!! Dr. Brauer makes sure that all your questions and concerns are fully answered before you start and after procedure. His knowledge and thoroughness throughout appointment allows you feel extremely confident in his recommended treatments. Dr. Brauer knows what he is doing and does it very very well!!!


I've seen Dr. Brauer for various laser treatments and have always been impressed with his results. He is never quick to push a procedure but is thoughtful about what my needs are and what I'm trying to achieve. He's the best in the biz!

- Valerie T.